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ISAF Investigating Civilian Casualties

KABUL, Afghanistan - On July 8, artillery fire from an ISAF unit was observed falling short of its intended target in Jani Khel district, Paktiya province. Shortly thereafter eight injured Afghan civilians were brought to a nearby ISAF outpost. The wounded were provided immediate care and transported to an ISAF medical facility for further treatment. One of the wounded later died as a result of wounds.


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Date: 07.08.2010
Posted: 07.08.2010 02:04

Afghan and ISAF leaders conducted a shura with local elders following the accident and will hold another shura tomorrow to discuss the incident with members of the greater Jani Khel community.

The incident is currently under investigation with Afghan officials and our ANSF partners to determine the cause of the injuries.

ISAF officials offer sincere condolences to those affected and will accept full responsibility for any of our actions that led to this tragic incident.