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Homecoming For Local Wounded Soldier

FAIRBORN, Ohio -- It was a homecoming in Fairborn for a disabled Marine who got a hero’s welcome from thousands of people.

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Posted: 10:17 pm EDT August 31, 2009
Updated: 11:28 pm EDT August 31, 2009

People began lining up early Monday morning waiting for the soldier to come home from the war.

Lance Cpl. Larry Draughn encountered an improvised explosive device on the battlefield and lost both of his legs and a few fingers.

A motorcade appeared lined up on the streets waving flags and banners and offering salutes as the hometown Marine rode by in a minivan.

Draughn’s mom wanted this to remain a surprise for him and it did.

Draughn was the man of the hour on Monday, but he said his heart is still with the men and women he left behind.