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Akashat police take control

AKASHAT, Iraq — Another Iraqi Police station became an independent unit in Al Anbar province during a ceremony here July 9. During the ceremony, Marines with Delta Company, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd LAR Bn., Regimental Combat Team 5 passed responsibility of the city of Akashat to the IPs.


7/9/2008 By Cpl. Ryan Tomlinson, Regimental Combat Team 5

“When Iraq needed you most, you stood up,” said Lt. Col. Russell E. Smith, commanding officer, 2nd LAR Bn., while addressing the IP during the ceremony. “You are all true patriots of Iraq and should all be proud of yourselves for what you’ve achieved today.”

Smith also added that he is proud to stand beside the IP as friends and brothers-in-arms.

During the event, the city council of Akashat, Iraqi policemen and Marines witnessed Smith present a plaque to Maj. Fawzi Amad Khalifah, chief of the Akashat Police Department, certifying the passing of responsibility. Afterwards, the partnering forces feasted together in celebration of the accomplishment.

“It’s a proud and good feeling to have after achieving this from hard work,” said 1st Lt. Jamad Hamid, 31, a supervising officer with the Akashat Iraqi Police Department. “We will continue with that same effort to continue the good work without Coalition forces help.”

The Iraqi policemen had been trained by the Marines with Delta Co.’s Police Transition Team for the past few months. The station will operate without Coalition forces, but the Marines will remain vigilant to support them if needed.

According to the policemen assigned the station, they were very grateful for the hard work and training from Marines with Delta Co.

“The Marines taught the skills to protect the city of Akashat,” said Khalad Reyad Miciles, 26, a patrolman with the Akashat Police Department. “I will use those skills for the future.”