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Southeast Texans Reflect on Iraq

You don`t have to look very far to find a full spectrum of opinions on the war in Iraq. Right here in Southeast Texas there is ample evidence that this is a divided home front.


( Air Date: 3/19/2006 )

A Beaumont business transformed into a care package operation Sunday.

"[We`re] sending Girl Scout cookies to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan," says Jana Callahan, whose son is in Iraq. "Hopefully they`ll get to enjoy them."

Military families - members of MarineParents.com - say shipping more than 88,000 cookies is a small way to say thanks.

"It`s not about [politics], it`s about showing our appreciation for what they do," says Greg Green, whose son is a Marine.

But for some Southeast Texans, it`s difficult to keep politics out of such a controversial issue.

"I think the mission they were sent on was one of deception and falsehood prepetrated by this administration," says T J Geiger, a member of Southeast Texans Organized for Peace (STOP).

About twenty people gathered on the steps of the Jefferson County courthouse Sunday night to protest the war in a candlelight vigil organized by STOP.

In the end, war protesters and military families have something in commmon.

"Hoping and praying and caring that they`re [overseas] and wanting them home," says Penny Heisler, a member of MarineParents.com.