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New Movie needs OUR help! Make Peace or Die: The First Days of War in Iraq with 1/5

MOVIE: Make Peace or Die: The First Days of War in Iraq with 1st Battalion 5th Marines

March 2003 - Thousands of troops are massed on the border of Iraq poised for war. Among the first to cross the line of departure is one of the most decorated units in the American military having served since World War I: First Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment. The Marine Corps infantry unit known as “1/5” (one-five) carries to battle a flag with its salient motto, “Make Peace or Die.”

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Directed and Edited by Valerian Bennett
Produced by Sgt. Sam Hunter and Jonathan Haug

Footage from embedded reporters, Department of Defense archives, images from the Marines themselves, and interviews conducted by a former member of 1/5 provide a rare glimpse into the souls of America’s warriors. From the first encounter with insurgents at Saddam Canal to dealing with the fog of war at a roadblock on the streets of Baghdad, we witness in these men the essence of conflict, both personal and professional, as seen through the ages. Along the way, 1/5 suffers the first American combat casualty of the war and, in the blink of an eye, forty days and nights of tedious desert living is instantly replaced with an inescapable new reality.

“Make Peace or Die: The First Days of War in Iraq with 1st Battalion 5th Marines” serves as both an intensely personal feature documentary film and a chilling snapshot of the foundation which would give way to continued combat operations in Iraq for years to come.

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