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Marine’s Body On Its Way Home

Bubb’s Family, Friends Mourn Together

GROTTOES — Peggy Bubb’s home is filled with flowers, food and people, but the occasion is solemn.


By Jenny Jones
Photo by Pete Marovich

The decorations that take up space in her kitchen and that trickle into her garage are symbols of a family in mourning.

"God, I didn’t think I’d ever stop screaming," Bubb said as she hugged one of the many people who have stopped by her home in the past few days. "It’s almost impossible to bear."

After a long embrace, Bubb let go of the family friend and looked around her garage at the old welcome home banner that once hung in celebration of her grandson’s return from his first tour in Iraq.

Then her eyes drifted toward the arrangements of flowers and the small American flags that people have sent as condolences as his second homecoming unfolds.

"The town is really mourning and honoring him," Bubb said.

Second Tour

The flowers, flags and memories were being strewn around Bubb’s garage Thursday in honor of her grandson, Lance Cpl. Daniel Scott Resner Bubb.

Bubb, 19, a graduate of Fort Defiance High School, was killed Monday by small-arms fire while fighting enemy forces in Al Rutbah, Iraq.

He’d served for eight months in 2004 and then returned in September 2005, said his mother, Janey Harrah.

"He was proud to be a Marine," Harrah said as she sat in her mother’s living room just after receiving her son’s last will and testament. "He gave it his all."

Medals And Honors

During his service, Bubb was awarded several medals and ribbons for his dedication.

The Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal was one of six medals and ribbons he received.

The achievement medal is awarded to members of the armed services who demonstrate exceptional duties beyond what is normally expected of them, according to Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Garcia of the Camp Pendleton Public Affairs office in California.

Garcia could not say exactly what Bubb did to get the medal.

Coming Home

Bubb’s body "is in the U.S.," 1st Sgt. Rick Caisse said as he stood in Peggy Bubb’s garage and talked to the family. "He’ll be wearing all his ribbons."

The thought of having him back in the United States is a comfort to a family that has been through a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. "That really makes me feel good," Peggy Bubb said.

He will be buried in East Lawn Cemetery after a funeral at Johnson Funeral Service in Grottoes. Funeral arrangements are pending.

"I wanted him to be home, so that we can go visit him," said Steve Harrah as he and his wife recalled the day they found out about their son’s death.

It was Monday, and Steve Harrah said he had taken the day off work. He was mowing the lawn when a car drove down the street, circled around and pulled up to his house.

A chaplain got out of the car and said he was looking for the home of Steve and Janey Harrah. Steve said he immediately asked the chaplain, "What’s wrong with Daniel?"

Two Marines joined the chaplain, and Steve Harrah called his wife on her cell phone. He told her to meet him at her mother’s home.

When Janey Harrah got to her mom’s house, she stood in the kitchen and listened as her husband told her about her son.

When the news hit her ears, Janey Harrah said, she dropped to the floor like a dishrag.

Since then, things have been a blur, she said.

"I’m numb," Harrah said. "This is so heart-wrenching."

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